The boys Campus is located about 800 metres away from girls’ campus along the road which passes through Vikawe Village to Kibaha Town.
It is fully independent in terms of facilities such as Dormitories, class rooms, Laboratories, Library, Computer rooms, Dining Hall, Kitchen, teachers’ Offices, Administration Block, etc. Students in boys’ stream do not mix up with those in girls’ stream.
The presence of this campus creates an academic competition between the students of the two campuses (boys & girls).


The Staff The day – to day running of the boys’ Campus is under the Assistant Manager who is assisted by the Deputy Principal – Academic (Boys). Below, him, there are Academic Masters and Heads of Academic Departments. There are five (05) Academic Departments which are: Mathematics Department, Languages Department, Social Sciences Department, Sciences Department and Business and ICS Department. Teachers work in their respective Departments.
The Deputy Principal – Academic (Boys) is also assisted by the Discipline Master to handle and control students’ discipline issues.

The Curriculum

In boys’ campus, the School follows the Tanzanian national – based Curriculum where highly dedicated, experienced, and professional teachers provides high quality teaching to students. Teachers follow strictly the Competence – based teaching approach to make sure that students understand fully the intended knowledge. The School offers both “O” level and “A” level courses. In “O” level the subjects taught are: Basic Mathematics, History, Geography, Civics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Book Keeping, Commerce, Computer Studies, Kiswahili, English, Literature in English, Arabic Language, Chinese language, Bible Knowledge and Islamic Knowledge. For “A” level, the subjects taught are based on their combinations. These are: PCM, PCB, PGM, CBG, ECA, HGE, EGM, HGL, HKL and HGK. The school is committed to meet the special needs of slow learners ensuring that they make progress through well designed strategies and Programs.

For more information, please contact us at: 0739 611 539, 0763 367 567 and 0762 611 538