Endeavour for Achievement and the single-minded philosophy that hard work and consistent effort bring their own rewards will drive the school strategically as it develops into a beacon of academic excellence for Tanzania and East Africa.

Halfan R. Swai

Sophia Mawenya

Dear Customers,

Welcome to Baobab Website. Baobab Schools consist of Baobab Pre School (Nursery School), Baobab Primary School and Baobab Secondary School.

These Schools are owned by Shajar Schools Association, a Non Government Organization (NGO) founded in 2004 with the objective of establishing education – related Institutions.

Baobab Schools offer high quality education to students/ pupils in a conducive environment.

The schools are managed by dedicated Management team and the policy of the School is to enroll trainable students with average academic abilities, but who are eager to learn.

High quality education is essential for all children to enable them to live, study and work for their future and for the country at large. At Baobab Schools, our aim is to prepare and enable them to excel in higher education and contribute to the wider World. This is increasingly relevant given the present global situation.

I hope you find this website informative and useful in deciding on the next stage of your child's education. If you have chosen to entrust Baobab Schools, with your beloved child's education, you will realize that, education is much more than just class lessons.

At Baobab Schools, children are nurtured to develop proper moral behavior, good discipline and a hardworking spirit. In addition, the children are also given opportunities to develop their talents and abilities.

Welcome to Baobab Schools, and feel free to contact us, in case you have any questions, remarks or comments concerning our services.

Shajar Schools Association
H. R. Swai