• Academic Study tours for all students / pupils of all classes.
  • Project works for secondary school candidate classes (Form 2, 4 & 6)
  • Students / pupils attend Library sessions to read books, encyclopedia, newspapers, story books and e – learning program.
  • Laboratory Practical work (experiments). This is done for Computer Study (ICS) and Science subjects such as Physics, Chemistry and Biology to enhance students’ understanding of the topics taught theoretically in class.
  • Academic Exhibitions during Parents’ Days and Graduation Days
    • Science Practicals
    • ICS demonstration

Participation in various Clubs (Academic Clubs and Non – Academic Clubs) Academic Clubs are organized around subjects while non – academic clubs cut across a wide range of issues such as Environmental Club, Anti – Corruption Club (PCCB), United Nations’ Club, Charity Club, Children’s rights Club, Scouts’ Club, Sanaa Club, Debate Club, Tax Club, Good Morals Club, etc

Morning Speech during the Morning parades where appointed students give inspirational speech to the fellow students. On top of the message contained in those speeches, it gives the morning speaker a sense of confidence and developing public speaking skills.

Sports and games. Students / pupils participate in sport and games such as football, netball, volleyball, basketball, handball, tag of war, acrobatic, martial arts, dancing, singing, dramatizing, etc. In addition, all students are involved in morning jogging to warm up their bodies before starting class sessions.

Classroom presentations. The subject teachers divide students into groups and assign them questions for further reading and discussion. In the next class session, each group presents its findings for discussion.